How to reach

If you arrive from Strada di Grande Comunicazione Firenze-Pisa-Livorno (also known as Fi-Pi-Li), you have to travel along it until the exit Pontedera, NOT Pontedera-Ponsacco, NOT Montopoli, which, while being suggested by many gps devices, it would lead you here by an unpaved road.

Once you’re out: at the roundabout that you find right when you exit the SGC, take the first exit following the indications for “La Rotta”; then you’ll find another roundabout where you have to take again the first exit, still following “La Rotta”. From there, you shall go straight on Via Tosco-Romagnola Est for about 2,5km, passing two small residential areas (Pietroconti e La Rotta). After passing the last houses, you will have the chance to turn right on Via di San Gervasio (you’ll see signs indicating San Gervasio, Montecastello, Palaia), from now you shall simply travel along it paying attention to the fact that after less than one kilometer you have to turn left and pass through an underpass in order to stay on the same road. From there, the road will pass through nature and you have to travel along it for almost 10km. Some kilometers after the small town of San Gervasio, you’ll see on your left “Il Borgo di Colleoli Resort”:

And “Ristorante Pizzeria I Tigli”:

There’s a road between the two, take and turn left immediately:

After 500 meters you will be arrived, right before this sign:

On both your sides you’ll find two open gates: on your right there is the parking where you can leave your car, and on the left there’s a tiled path that leads you to our office. We recommend you to reach us only with your documents and no luggages of any kind because the apartments are located in different cottages and we’ll tell you how to get as close as possible to it with your car.

This is your travel as seen on Google Maps: